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Anti-scum: no Brand: BiB TEX, design: ANTIK ARNEVO, wear resistance: 25,000 cycles density: 260 g / m2, discount: from 100 meters, composition: polyester 18%, polyamide 5%, cotton 9%, acrylic 5%, polyurethane 1%, 62% polyvinyl chloride Type: COATED LIQUID CHANGER width: 140 cm

Care: General procedure for cleaning furniture: remove stains with a foam sponge with soap suds and dry cloth. To remove ballpoint pen or lipstick stains, treat the upholstery of the sofa, chair or stool using a 10% alcohol solution and rinse with warm water. Fatty and wet stains are easy to remove, if you attach a well-absorbing towel to them. To remove fresh grease stains, treat the contaminated area of ​​upholstered furniture with a small amount of water and mild soap, wait 2-3 minutes and erase the stain with circular movements of a sponge or soft brush. Having dried pile, you easily restore it, having combed in the existing direction. Stains caused by a ballpoint pen or lipstick can be neutralized with a 10% alcohol solution and rinsed with warm water. Do not scrape off dried stains or agglomerated pile of material! Stains can be removed with a foam sponge with soap suds, soaked in a dry cloth. Draw your attention to! This color may differ from the color on the site, which is caused by the different color rendition of the photo on your device. Specify accurate information about the product from our managers, as well as you have the opportunity to see the tissue samples presented in our office.